» ;—Online.
» ;—Little note.

/I guess the blog’s complete idk

But here it is

» ;—Online.

//But I feel like making a Wammy-OC blog. I have the idea for one—

Screw it, I’m making it.

So, goodbye B-blog! It was very fun making those memories with you!

But I’m going to unfortunately put you on Hiatus now, at least until I get my BB-Muse back.

[ you're my fav B ignore really immature baby anon.]


Thank you A-Mun, it really means a lot! ヽ(´・ω・)ノ

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You suck at rping Beyond.


I don’t live to please other people with what I do.

So, suck it, Anon.

/Slaps hand down on a table.

Damn right.

Do you ever want kids?


"So I can have a little thing like this running around? No. Thank. You."

» ;—Online.

Okay, I’m fine that the N key doesn’t work. That’s probably why ALT codes exist. What I’m not fine with is that I’m slowly losing my muse. I’ve been secretly working on drafts, how could this happen? ; - ;

But of course, I had to read an old fanfic I started up almost years ago, and suddenly I want to roleplay an old OC of mine. No, no, no.


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» Offline!

This is an outrage I still have’t gotte this stupid n key to work.

it’ll oly work when it’ wants to.

freaking seriously.

i hate this computer.